Our Groomer 1986 Tucker Model 2000
Our 2008 Pine Tree Ride In Float 
(it never made it to the parade, someone changed the time on us)
September 29, 2007 Ride & BBQ On Our Trails 
October 20, 2007 Cambridge Ride (we found some water in the road)  
Endless Season Riders Snowmobile / ATV Club - Plymouth, Maine
February 16/17, 2008 Tucker Track Rebuild 
Some Of Our Recent Bridge Projects 
Enjoying Some Of Our Trails 
The Prez is Stuck
Gathered at Carlton Bog
"I Wish I Had A Side By Side"
Cooking Lunch At Carlton Bog
The Prez is Stuck Again!
We Made It To The Top!
At the Lookout
The View From The Lookout
Our Season Opener Ride May 24, 2008
Heading Out
Crossing At Rt. 7
Tucker 2000
Down The Trail
Pulling a Barn Cleaner Chain Out of The Trail
Grooming Twitchell Farm Trail
At The Martin Stream Rest Area
Heading Back Out After Repairs
Drag Abandoned on Tuttle Rd. Trail
George & Smitty Hard At Work
Scotty Putting On The Finishing Touches
Limping Out On Three Tracks
Scotty, Smitty, Ronnie & George Laying Out The New Track
Almost Back Together!
A Mike Sighting At The Breakdown Scene
Two Days Later, We're Back Grooming! Hang On George!
Our Cambridge Ride June 7, 2008
"and to my right is Thorne Brook"
The Crew at Thorne Brook
I Said NO Diving!
The Ranger's
Flower Child
Takin a Break
Trail Work May 25, 2008
A True Beauty Queen (or Pole Dancer)
Heading for the Mud Hole
Smitty & Mike working under Daves close supervision
"Keep Rolling Men, Your Doing Good"
More Mud To Fill In
Done for the Day
Ultimate ATV Event Presque Isle June 20-22, 2008
The Crew at the Star City Park & Ride (Day 1)
First Nights Ride
Here's the first half of the group........
Crossing the Aroostook River (Day 2)
Taking a Lunch Break Trailside (Day 2)
Our Last Day
One of the Natives
Remember......Safety First!
Athens Valley Riders 3rd Annual Chicken Run October 4, 2008
Our Fearless Trail Master Ready To Take On The Cold
The Group of Over 50 Machines
Heading For The Chicken BBQ and Egg Hunt
The ESR Gang at Kinsbury Dam
AVR's Own "Mr. Chicken" ATV Maine President Jim Lane
One Of The "Chicks" Instructing The Egg Hunters
Miss Amber and the Golden Egg
President Rowe & Family
ESR Fall Club Ride Kingsbury Area   October 12, 2008
Headin' to Kinsbury
Steve & Karen
Eric & Dakota
The Gang at Thorne Brook
BBQ at Thorne Brook
Ashley & Chelsea
Dakota comming through - Junior & Betty takin' the easy route
The Gang at Devils Head
Kathryn's ready for the cold
Charlie Holt Sign
building the frame
almost ready to lift
1st time up....too high at 14 feet
Now That Looks Better
It's Finally Up!
A Ranger Will Fit
Charlie Holt Memorial Bridge Sign   October 18, 2008
ESR Summer Club Ride & BBQ    August 8, 2009
Ready To Go
Smitty & Patty
The Crew at the "lookout"
President Rowe & Family
Tyler & Bonnie
Amber & Gil
The Nichols (Snuggles & Digger)
Karen & Steve
Patty! Your Hat!!!
Trailmaster "Smitty"
Amber and her New Quilt
Amber Rowe and the handmade quilt she won made by Betty Sinclair
ESR Trail Grooming    January 2010
January 17/2010
Opening the Twitchell Farm Trail
Opening Martin Stream Trail 1/9/2010
"Lookin Good"
it is much easier to "drive around".........besides the groomer operator will get it when he comes through
Charlie Holt Memorial Bridge
Leaving the bridge
Dave & Smitty clearing a blowdown
Rangers at work
January 17/2010
Opening the Twitchell Farm Trail Patty, Ronnie, & Smitty
January 17/2010
Opening the Twitchell Farm Trail with Smitty's new Ranger
January 17/2010
Opening the Twitchell Farm Trail
Taken on the Tuttle Road Trail at 2:26 am Saturday 1/23/2010 on the return trip from Carlton Bog -13 degrees!!!
Kathryn, Justin & Gunner........Even the dogs have a good time!
Doug telling "stories" to James, Lisa, Ronnie, & Scott
I think Laurie was describing the fish she caught
Taking a break trailside
a few more of the gang
The rest of the gang are we having fun yet?
Are we having fun yet???
Smitty & Lorraine (I don't think she believes him)
Looks like Patty & Oscar John found a little mud
Toni modeling her mud
Bill & Laurie found some water
James & Lisa stirring it up
Chris & Scott racing through the puddle
Frank making waves
Bill & Denise
Tracy & Lorraine
Junior & Betty
Chris & Toni
Scoot, Frank, & Doug
I think Denise was saying "don't take my picture"
Toni & Doug auditioning for a commercial
Scott, Smitty, & Bill
Laurie, Lisa, & James having a snack
Tucker enjoying his shady ride
Junior & Betty
ESR Annual Summer Club Ride & BBQ    August 7, 2010
Fall Trail Work 2010
President Rowe at the Rt. 69 corssing. trying to keep vehicles out of the trail.
Tucker showing off the new bridge from the Rutland/Clark Road to the Look-Out
Smitty working on the Clark Road Crossing
Smitty working on the Clark Road Crossing
ESR Trail Grooming    January 2010
First trip out for the year, at Barbarick Bridge
Late night run back from Carlton Bog
Lookin Good in the mirror
At Carlton Bog turn around
The morning after
Smitty's Ranger Grooming
Heading down the air strip to the pond
Smitty take a break
Tucker inspecting the new culvert in Whitaker Woods
We made it across!
Breaking trail over Gray Hill
Gray Hill Trail
This is why we need trails brushed
Plowing up Rutland
and down through the trees
headin' back
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
The Green Family getting ready for the ride.
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Gunner & Tucker enjoying a Ranger ride.
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Ronnie testing out the bridge
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Doug & Toni
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Bill & Laurie
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
The first of three flats in one trip!
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 Junior & Betty
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Onawa Trestle
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Laurie, Karen, Billy, Jamie, Patty, & Stephen with Borestone Mtn. & Lake Onawa in the background
Onawa Trip July 2, 2011 
Junior & Betty navigating a tight spot
ESR Onawa Trip July 2, 2011
Doug & Toni
Katie & Gunner Logging
The gang drawing cards
at the Martin Stream Rest Area
Carlton Bog Turn Around
Wendell's not so new looking Terex
at the Look-Out
from the Look-Out
along the trail
MacIntyre Brook
Bradstreet Farm
Martin Stream Rest Area
from the Look-Out
the Look-Out
Scott & Lisa
Chelsea & Jax
ESR Annual BBQ & Ride August 8, 2011
Taking a break near Dimmick Pit
Who cares if it is raining a little bit??? We just laugh it off!!!
Lunch Break near Little Moxie Pond
Emily cooking up some onions & hot dogs for lunch
Smitty cooking us up some of his famous "Trail Chili"
Christine cooking up teriyaki steaks (we eat good on the trails)
Karen warming up some minestrone....no wonder we all want to take a nap after we eat!
Stopping for another break on the Maheux Rd. (a little rain won't stop this crew!!!)
ESR Annual "Leaf Peepers Ride" September 29, 2012
Bangor Fire Fighters Chili Cook-Off to benefit MDA February 23, 2013
Great Event for a Great Cause!!!
The ESR Crew looked sharp in their t-shirts designed just for this event.
The prizes
people taste testing all the chili's and chowders
one of the winners
Smitty being presented with the Peoples Choice award
the Judges
Smitty getting his Peoples Choice plaque
Our very own...."Smitty" won the People Choice with his famous "Smitty's Sweet Trailside Chili"
Quilt Raffle to benefit Make-A-Wish August 8, 2013