Endless Season Riders Trail Report
April 1, 2015
Submitted by: Ronnie & Emily Green

It looks like the snow is on its way out for the season finally. We enjoyed several weeks of grooming and riding this year like we have not seen in years. The Sno-Cat gave us a few headaches at the beginning of the season but seemed to work out OK after we got started. The deep snow provided a few challenges this year trying to get certain sections open but we made it. We won't lock gates for a while as it looks like there may be some snow this weekend that could provide a "one last ride", and because most gates are still burried in snow. 

ALL ATV trails will be CLOSED until further notice.

Email Recieved from an ESR Member on 2/2/2011

We have a camp on Tuttle Road and were up there for four days last week.  We left on Saturday morning.
Our son was visiting from Portland Oregon, and he had never done any sledding for any distance before.
We were delighted with the great condition that the trails were in.  Like riding on an interstate.
We saw no one, we had the place to ourselves.  It was wonderful.

Thanks so much for all your up to date reports and  to all your groomers for a job very well done,

Reg & Loretta Pelletier

The following question was submitted by one of our members:

Dear Endless Season Riders, 

My wife and I have just completed another great day of riding on the ESR Trails, but have a question to ask. If there is no hunting on Sundays, why are the trails being closed on 10-19-08?
I understand the hunting situation on all days but Sunday. Can the trails be ridden on Sundays after your announcement to close them??  

Thanks for your help.
ESR Member 

Dear Member,

Thanks for inquiring about the October 19th trail closings. We hear your concerns but the answer is NO, the bottom line is that we ride on land that is owned by others and we have to abide by their wishes if we want to continue to use their land. That being said, we have a few landowners that have asked we CLOSE the trails across their lands prior to hunting season (we know for fact a couple of them put tree stands right on the trail and don’t want them tampered with any day of the week) and they have made it clear that “we will not be welcome back next season if do not adhere”. 

We (the club officers & trail crew) made the decision last year rather than try to close sections of trail and give some riders the opportunity to come to a closed section and say “I know where to go and they won’t even notice”, we decided to close everything prior to hunting season, and try to avoid any problems that could hurt us in the future. Another factor that led to us choosing the weekend before Youth Only Hunting Day is that last year we were riding as a club (on an open club trail) in another area, not realizing it was Youth Day when we drove out of the woods late in the afternoon, into a field where a Dad and his Son where in a tree stand, we're sure the two deer we saw a short ways back in the woods did not follow us out into the field, and we're sure that boy went home empty handed. Who can feel good about taking that opportunity away from a young boy?

Even after we closed the trails last year we had people riding them, they didn’t care. Once the trails are closed by the club, you are considered trespassing if you ride them. We are taking this so seriously this year that we have asked the Game Wardens to summons anyone that continues to ride the trails after they are CLOSED.

In a perfect world we would be able to close some trails and leave some open until snow flies, and every rider would abide by the wishes of the land owners and NOT ride where they’re not welcome. The reality is that there are still a few people that do not belong to clubs and do not belong to ATV Maine where they would be educated on such issues, and there are some that just don’t care and think the rules don’t apply to them. The two big one’s we hear all the time “it’s a snowmobile trail why can’t we ride on it?” and “it’s a marked ATV trail, I can ride on it anytime I want”NO and NO! It is privately owned land that we have been granted permission to use as long as we respect it!

We encourage ALL ATV RIDERS to join a club and become affiliated with ATV Maine.

Endless Season Riders Snowmobile / ATV Club - Plymouth, Maine