Welcome to the Endless Season Riders. We are a group of Snowmobile and ATV riders based in Plymouth Maine.
We currently have 27 miles of snowmobile trails and 24 miles of ATV trails in our local area.
We are a family oriented club and we are always looking for new members – check us out and come aboard and support your sport.
We meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM. Contact us for more information.

Ride Safe!

Rules for Endless Season Riders Club Rides & Events

•Club rides are open to Endless Season Riders members and their guests (make sure your guests are aware of our rules)
•Times listed for the meeting places will be the times we plan to LEAVE, so get there early.
•We don’t set rain dates for rides as some don’t mind riding in the rain and rescheduling is a nightmare. If we decide to cancel a ride we will email it out and send it out by Twitter.
•Watch for updates by email & Twitter incase plans change just prior to a ride 
•As we update the list we will get an email out to members, but your best bet is to follow us on Twitter   http://twitter.com/endlesssriders
•If anyone has an idea for a ride and wishes to be the Contact Person/Leader let us know
•All ESR Club rides will have a Leader/Contact person who will normally lead the event.
•All rides will have a designated person taking up the rear of the pack, the Sweeper (so the leader will know when all riders are accounted for).
•All Maine laws will be followed i.e. children need helmets, ATV’s registered, stay on marked trails, etc.
•All ATV’s must have working lights that will be on when riding.
•Keep an eye out for the person behind you, if you don’t see them STOP and WAIT someone will be back for you. The Leader and the Sweeper will make sure everyone is accounted for.
•When we make a turn, or pass a place someone could mistake for a turn STOP and WAIT for the rider behind you, when they arrive and see you, take off and they will wait for the next rider and so on.
•It is always a good idea to bring extra gas, snacks/lunch, and extra clothes as we never know what we will encounter on a trip.
•If you don’t wish to follow these simple rules or if want to freelance we do not want you along on our ride.